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FM5.09 Providing leadership and management in facilities management

Dec 17, 2022

ASSIGNMENT The maximum word count for the completion of all 4 tasks is 4,000 words. Task 1 You are a newly appointed FM within a large provider of facilities management services, contracted by major UK corporations. You have a number of graduates working for you, who are taking on roles as team leaders for the first time in their career. You wish to support them in this, particularly within the context of facilities management and the provision of client services. Alternatively, you may base your tasks on your own organisation clearly stating any assumptions and ensuring you cover the relevant assessment criteria. a) Put together a presentation evaluating and comparing 3 different leadership styles. (You may want to make reference to your own preferred style, or the style that is prevalent in your chosen organisation). Your presentation should include notes and/or bullet points as well as slides. [1.2] b) Include within the presentation an explanation of how each of the styles may influence organisational culture and in what way, and how the demands on facilities management environments might influence the style adopted. [1.2/1.4] c) Ensure you include within your presentation a comparison between leadership and management and how these link.[1.1] d) As this presentation is to be designed to support your new graduates, analyse how effective leadership will improve motivation and encourage further development of the organisation and the individuals within it. [1.3] Task 2 a) Write a learning resource for your graduates explaining and comparing two different motivation theories. Relate this to examples in your own experience. [2.1] b) Write a learning resource for your graduates evaluating and comparing two different management styles. Include an analysis of your own management style and how effective this is in dealing with various work situations. [2.2/2.3] Task 3 The assignment should be based on your own environment or an environment over which you have influence. You realise that the time has come to re-energise the team and the way it works and that you have a key role to play in motivate and supporting others to achieve their potential. [3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4] FM5.09 Providing leadership and management in facilities management V3 2 of 2 Produce a report explaining how you would plan the following: a) Creating a new vision for your area of responsibility (within the overall organisational vision) including consultation with all stakeholders. b) How would you communicate that vision to stakeholders, ensuring you differentiate between different stakeholder needs (at least two stakeholder groups)? c) How you will motivate and support people in your area of responsibility to achieve their work and development objectives? d) Describe how, in the future, you will recognise and applaud the achievement of individual objectives and ensure continued motivation through a variety of methods

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